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Hi, warmly welcome to artofliving.lk. Need to know what’s going on here? If so, check this out.

  • Do you want to find all the wedding halls in your area?
  • Do you want to find new services/places in your area(ex: colombo 3)?
  • Do you want to see what are there around for a specific tag search(ex: clothing)?

artofliving.lk has given you the facility to search by location, service or tag. According to your search criteria, the results will appear. If you search by a location, it will list all the available services in that area. If it’s service, it will show all the places on that category. If you search by tag, it will list all the places and services with that tag. So, it’s really easy to find anything.

All the information related to the selected will appear when you clicked on a search result. What services they provide, opening hours, contact details, map locations, facilities they provide, photos, videos and so on. Means everything you are expecting. You can compare services and places easily on art of living website and can select what you want and then you can contact them.

There is a facility to rate them as well. Today, customer reviews are the best way to find a good service provider. So you can share your experience with others on our website and rate them.

We are pretty sure that the artofliving.lk is today’s most detailed, upto date and most user friendly website in Sri Lanka.

No need to believe, reports proved.

Enjoy the art of living. Thanks

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